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A membership program offered to patients and non patients who want to educate and empower themselves in healing their families.

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Health is possible without the adverse side effects of drugs! 

We heal through homeopathy, herbs and diet, making you feel vital, vibrant and healthy for life!

At Hygieia, our goal is to help your body be at its best by stimulating your body to realign itself and reteach a healthy bodily response to any trigger factors through the help of time-tested methods like Homeopathy, herbalogy and Varmalogy that are gentle, yet effective.

At Hygieia Homeopathy, our goal is not to remove just the disease, but to make you feel healthy, rejuvenated, vibrant and have the vigor for Life.


The word "Hygieia" is the name of the Greek goddess of health, sanitation and hygiene.
That's where the word "Hygiene" came from.

Our practice is built upon those keywords and hence we named our clinic aptly Hygieia.
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What Our Patients Say

"I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 45 and I was treated with steroids and pain killers for many years. But my joints progressively became bent and my hands became unusable.  I sought treatment with Dr. Sridharan and I am so glad I did. After 1 year of treatment, the pain and even the stiffness and bending of the joints have become 95% better and I am able to use my hands again. Thank you Dr. Sridharan!"

A.J - Las Vegas.


We are a multi specialty alternative medical clinic. Our body is one and it functions as one. Every cell and organ communicates with each other in harmony to create health. So we treat all the different disorders in the body to bring about health. 

We also do well checks and pregnancy care.

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Acute Illnesses

  • Ear infections