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Dr. Sridharan is a Naturopathic Physician with Doctor of Naturopathy from the United States college of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from India, and also has earned a Research Masters in Physiology and Neurobiology from The University of Connecticut. She also has an Advanced Practitioner of Homeopathy (APH) license from The Nevada board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners. The board has strict regulations and requires a board exam to qualify as a practitioner. 

Dr. Sridharan is extremely knowledgeable and an avid reader. She has learnt Nutrition, Neuro linguistic programing, Facial diagnosis, Medical Varmalogy, Chinese and Ayurveda herbs apart from Homeopathy in the years she has been in practice. 


Dr. Sridharan has been practicing for more than 17 years in India and in the U.S and has a high track record of skillfully treating hundreds of patients. We have many case histories in each of our specialties section as a proof of that. 


Dr. Sridharan is very passionate and derives genuine pleasure from her work. Having watched Homeopathy being practiced by her father, she is to this day constantly amazed by its healing power and no one is happier than her to see her patients recover fully. Dr. Sridharan practices what she preaches and has not taken antibiotics or pain killers, even after her Cesarean Sections, thus entrusting her family's health to Homeopathy.

Dr. Sridharan is an active member in the community and she continuously participates in spreading health information through public talks, radio interviews, TV interviews and her publications. Dr. Sridharan has written articles on successfully treated cases in Homeopathic magazines. Follow the links to read the articles.

Dr. Sridharan has been married for 17 years and has 2 lovely daughters. She leads a healthy and active lifestyle the way she teaches her patients. Her hobbies are reading, going on long walks, discovering new places, crocheting, listening to podcasts, learning new things, and gardening.

Residual arthritis -

Asthma -


Seizures -

Vasculitis -

 Drug withdrawal - 


Dr. Sridharan's passion and devotion to her practice was recognized by the Nevada Pageant Magazine and an article was published about her practice. Follow the link and go to pages 32 & 33 to read the full article.


Puja has a Masters in Information Technology, but has been passionate about health care. 

Puja Agarwal is a Culinary nutrition expert and a Reiki practitioner. She likes to learn new things and loves gardening.

She is a full time mom of a 14 yr old girl and a self taught artist with a passion for healthy food and lives a life free of harmful chemicals. She loves experimenting with simple, everyday recipes and moderates a Facebook page on it. Her Dream is to write a book which can make life easy for parents with children dealing with food allergies .


Sharanya has a Bachelors in Science from Bangalore University, India. 


Sharanya has worked as a front office executive for a software company and a private hospital in the past. 

She and her family live a plant based lifestyle for the past 9 years and take a natural and holistic approach to health.

Sharanya currently lives in Frisco with her husband of 22 years and 2 wonderful boys. She enjoys doing yoga, gardening, embroidery, cooking, vegan baking, reading, traveling and making kombucha in her leisure.

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