Do you want to help your children live a healthy life? There is an abundance of information in the World today, but a lack of wisdom when it comes to health. Join us to learn what contributes to health and disease in children and how to help them with Science based information that is also practical and easy to use. We will teach you how to use Nature's own medicine cabinet to help your loved ones live a happy and healthy Life.


Things you will need for this webinar
1. A journal and a pen 
2. Your questions
3. Both parents if attending will benefit immensely


Topics covered
1. Diet and lifestyle and the benefits on your child's health
2. Common childhood illnesses and the causes and natural treatments for them
3. Common belief systems we have about our child's health and it's effects on their health
4. Practical solutions and steps to take to keep your child healthy today and for many years to come

5. Learn to naturally detox your children regularly to keep up their health.

Children's health and healing childhood diseases

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