On top of all the tell tale signs of a disease, there are many types of ancient and modern diagnostic processes that can help us assess your health. Below are some of the diagnostic methods we use to help our patients attain health. 


Facial Diagnosis

Your face is not only expressive of emotions, but also your health. Your face can also show how your internal organs are functioning. This type of diagnosis was done by Chinese medicine for thousands of years and now we are able to bring that to you to understand better the internal functions of the human body. 

Pulse Diagnosis

In Ayurveda (Indian medicine), pulse diagnosis shows the energy imbalance in your body and through that shows the organs that are hypo or hyper functioning. By reading your pulse, we can educate you on your diet, lifestyle and health.

Tongue Diagnosis

Your tongue is a map of your digestive system, heart, kidneys and much more. The color, consistency, shape and size of your tongue helps us assess where your body needs care. 



Muscle testing is an accurate way of finding out what your body reacts to and figuring out the best protocols for you to get the best outcome for your health.

Regulatory Thermography

Regulatory Thermography unlike camera thermography is used to assess the health of every part of your body through Infrared rays. It is a non-invasive test that can give clues into preventing diseases and reestablishing health. This is a test we recommend to our patients who want to get a road map to health as both a full body preventative test and for diseases. 


This is a heavy metal and mineral test that shows the ability of the body to detox as well as the deficiencies and excesses that can lead to diseases. 

For more information on Regulatory Thermography and Oligoscan, follow the link below.

We are also able to bring both these tests through the Thermography center of Dallas at a discounted rate for our patients.

Blood, Saliva and Urine test

We also do blood, saliva and urine test for female and male hormones, food allergies, food sensitivities, neurotransmitters, metabolic panel, thyroid and adrenal panel.

We also have an independent lab that draws blood in our office and does any testing we request for a fraction of the cost of any Insurance covered labs. Please call our office if you would like to learn more about this option. 

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